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Medical certificate and rapid test result

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Hi, Siloam Hospitals. Good day. We are planning to get a medical certificate and a rapid test result. May we know the process and how much would that be? My family is planning to go back to our country and these are the requirements for the flight. Thank you.
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Good afternoon Mr. AA,First of all, I have to explain to you, that this forum doesn't connect directly to the hospital you are referring to. For rapid tests and required certificates, you can do a rapid test directly at the destination hospital. You can also choose several offers for rapid test check and use the booking feature on this link. Some health facilities also conduct drive-thru checks. So you and your family can come and do the rapid test immediately without getting out of the car.If you currently have a health problem, we also recommend making sure you and your family are in good health to be fit to flyYou should also contact your country's embassy for additional documents so you can return to your country, and make sure your country only asks for a rapid test to be able to enter the country. Because some countries require a PCR / Swab test as an entry requirement for that country.When you arrive at your destination country, you must do a self-quarantine for 14 days. Apply a clean and healthy life during the trip and when arrives at the destination country by using a mask and washing hands more often with soap.If symptoms occur within 14 days, immediately consult to the health facility. Thank you, I hope this information is helpful.Regards,Adhi P, MD.
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